The winter season has set in. The fluffy snowflakes, the warm home, the cozy blankets, the hot cup of chocolate – these are all the welcoming comforts of winter.

But there is a flip-side to winter. It includes slippery, icy roads, chilling temperatures, and limited sunshine.

We don’t think too much about the integrity of our roofs and home structures until they fail us. No one wants to deal with a huge gaping hole in the roof during the cold winter months. Therefore, keeping a close eye on our roofs can eliminate any undesired repairs.

Removing snow and ice on the roof provides four major benefits.

  • Keeps the extra weight off of the frame of a home and the gutters
  • Eliminates excess moisture
  • Minimizes the danger of ice dams
  • Offers peace of mind as the spring season approaches

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to safely and effectively remove excess snow from your roof.

Snow Rake
A snow rake is a long aluminum pole attached to a blade used for pulling excess snow off of a roof. A snow rake can be purchased at the local Ace Hardware, Lowe’s Home Improvement, or even sometimes at a Walmart. The best time to purchase a snow rake is before you are in need of one.

Here are some tips when using a snow rake:

  • Work with a partner. Snow removal can be hazardous so ask a trusted friend to be present when working
  • Dress warmly. You may build up a sweat but remember, it is cold out there. Wear proper attire to prevent hypothermia or frostbite.
  • Stay on the ground. Do not use a snow rake on a ladder.
  • Snow rakes should not be used for removing snow on second-story buildings.
  • Work in small areas, slowly increasing to larger areas. It is wise to pull a small amount of snow off of the roof, then extend your reach as the snow is removed.

​Of course, if you have concerns or questions about snow removal, please trust the professionals at East Coast Roofing! We have worked locally for over 40 years, serving our community and over 25,000 families to improve their homes and remain safe. You’ll know you can trust us with your home, as we stand behind every project we do and strive for perfection. Call us to inquire about the roofing needs you may have!

Heating Cable
These cables are installed on the edges of your roof in a zigzag pattern, then plugged into a safe GFCI outlet. The minimal heat these give off is just enough to melt away snow and ice buildup, preventing future ice dams from forming. If you desire assistance with installing heating cables, look no further than East Coast Roofing!

Of course, there are some items to keep in mind as you desire to remove excess snow from your roof.

  • Do not use metal shovels as these could damage your roofing materials.
  • Do not pile the snow onto one area of your roof. This could add extra weight and create more complications.
  • Be careful of where the snow does land. Snow can become quite heavy, so use caution.
  • Wear safety equipment such as heavy gloves and goggles.
  • Refrain from using salt on your roof. The minerals can damage the surface of your roof.

Winter in New Jersey is going to happen. Be prepared to keep your family safe, by using these tips  keep the excess snow off of your roof.

Of course, contact your local trusted roofing company at East Coast Roofing to help with any roofing questions you may have. We stand by the work we do and promise we’ll be there when you need us! Call today to discuss how we can help keep you safe this winter. ​