Whether it’s here in New Jersey or all across the nation, homeowners want to do whatever they can to preserve the appearance and structural integrity of their houses. One way to do this is by ensuring that the home’s gutters are in perfect working order and clear of debris so that rainwater can flow smoothly away from the residence.

To achieve this goal, many employ the use of gutter guards, but some homeowners are unable to get past the “sticker shock” when they begin pricing gutter guard systems. Between the materials and the installation involved with gutter guards, the final cost may be staggering to homeowners who are on a budget.

What those uncertain homeowners fail to realize is this: while many people think of gutter guards as being costly, there are many benefits to installing gutter guards. Let’s take a look at some.

Saving Time and Money

Gutter guards prevent debris and leaves from accumulating in your gutters and clogging up the system. If you do not have gutter guards, you will eventually have to clean your gutters or have them cleaned professionally. In either case, this takes time and money.

Some debris may inevitably collect on the top of the gutter guards. However, gutter guards are exponentially easier to clean, as even gutter guards may need occasional maintenance. With gutter guards, you can reduce the number of times your gutters need to be cleaned.

Avoid Infestations of Mice and Insects

Gutter guards can stop vermin and insects, such as bats, squirrels, birds, mice, mosquitoes, and spiders from breeding in your gutters and minimize the amount of stagnant water sitting in your gutters. With less stagnant water, your home will become unattractive and more difficult for birds, vermin and insects to use your gutters as a breeding ground.

Additionally, gutter guards work as a physical barrier to possums, birds, and rodents, which will otherwise navigate their way behind the fascia boards and into the roof space of your home.

Alleviates Ice Dams and Gutter Freezing

If water gets trapped in your gutter during the winter, it can freeze and result in ice dams. Although gutter guards alone may not prevent ice dams, gutter guards will prevent debris from accumulating in your gutters, which may alleviate ice dams.

Fire Protection

If your home is located in an area prone to bush and brushfires, gutter guards will offer added fire protection. If flaming embers come into contact with the dry leaves and debris in your gutters, it can quickly ignite into a fire and quickly spread. Certain types of gutter guards will protect your home by acting as a physical barrier between debris and lighted embers.

Prevent Premature Rust and Corrosion

When moisture ridden leaves and debris sits in your gutters, it increases the likelihood of rust and/or corrosion forming in your gutters. Gutter guards are designed to prevent leaves, pine needles, and other debris from accumulating in your gutters. As a result, gutter guards can help extend the life of your gutters with rust and corrosion prevention.

Improve Gutter Water Flow

Installing gutter guards can bolster the flow of water through your downspouts and gutters because they prevent them from clogging up. This can be an excellent benefit of gutter guards especially if you have a rainwater tank (aka rain barrel). The guards will help your tank refill more quickly when it rains. Your tank will have cleaner water that is more filtered of contaminants and debris.

Stop Blockages

If your gutters overflow during periods of heavy rain, they may be clogged or blocked and would benefit from gutter guards. Overflowing gutters are dangerous because this can allow water to cause damage to your foundation or cause water to enter your home. Additionally, gutters that overflow can also result in those unsightly stains on the exterior of your home.

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